Portrait of Cassandra
Location: Southeastern WI

Writing a biography is by far more challenging than taking a photograph. My interest in photography started on the front of the lens as a hobbyist model with a flair for theatrics and couture fantasy clothing. I still am an avid collector of textile arts from international designers and pose for fine art photographers, however I have spent more than a decade now behind the lens bringing my high fantasy world to life.

I specialize in dark, romantic portraiture that is highly saturated in color and texture, with themes centered on magic, mystery and mythology.

In my galleries you will find places of the dead, shades and specters of what once was or might have been, renaissance inspired lords and ladies, avatars of pagan goddesses, and creatures of myth and legend.

Many of my favorite designers (some of whom are also photographers) will be showcased in my work, so please feel free to peruse their websites:

Also follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I have more information regarding the photos showcased here, including tags to said designers.

If you are interested in having your portrait taken, reach out via e-mail to gildedlens@gmail.com and include in your subject line “Portrait”. Please include your concept, any wardrobe, makeup and location needs you may have in the body of the email so that I can reach out with a quote.

If you are a designer looking to collaborate, please add to your subject line “Collaboration”.

~ Cassandra